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In the nascent moments of a business agreement or transaction, the parties usually know how they want the deal done, but they need a little coaching on dancing with a new partner. Transactions come in many styles, and striking an agreement between businesses that is lasting and beneficial to both parties requires consideration of styles of the partners and their characteristics when united in a pact for a shorter or longer term.


In my practice I endeavor to assist the parties in closing deals that will last, representing, of course, my client's interests. Whereas the thrust of my practice lies in commercial law, I am also a specialist in arbitration, where I meet parties who got into conflict -- by definition showing up with agreements drafted by other lawyers. Having worked extensively with arbitration cases, I have acquired sensitivity to the requirements at the inception of agreements between parties, allowing me over time to help in structuring business transactions and commercial agreements that not only take care of the interests of my client, but also that of the shared intent of the parties in succeeding together in their venture. 


Very few contracts end up in litigation, but when they do, it is gloves off, I have successfully represented major corporations  like Sony in all courts in Sweden, including the Supreme Court.



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