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Dear client and prospective client,


I wish you a warm welcome to my independent law firm, Advokat John Kadelburger AB, an internationally oriented law firm serving enterprise and public sector client needs for professional and effective legal services.


Operating from my offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Verona, Italy, I offer a wealth of experience to clients in geographies, industries and practice areas that are documented in the pages that follow.


Supporting international expansion, and being an effective partner in cross-border transactions and ventures, requires not only legal skills. Speaking five languages, offering a large network, and my interpersonal communication skills, I  help your deals through to closing. I have a track record of building bridges between parties from different backgrounds and cultures, and so finding paths to deal closure whether at venture inception, in arbitration or in litigation.


I accept arbitrator appointments as counsel,  party appointed arbitrator or chairman in both domestic and international cases and under different arbitration rules such as the SCC, ICC, LCIA and the like.


I serve and have served on a number of Boards of Directors, which I do with pleasure and as part of my expertise. Corporate governance in itself is an art, and adapting it to new geographic markets creates new issues compared to home markets when enterprises expand. 


Please contact me directly to discuss your legal needs in Sweden, Italy or elsewhere. 





John M Kadelburger